An Obstetrician is a medical professional who specialises in areas relating to pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period (the period that occurs immediately after child birth).

Dr Marcia Bonazzi has been a practicing female obstetrician for nearly 30-years consulting, treating and assisting her clients located all over Melbourne, who specifically come for her expert advice. To date, she has assisted over 10,000 mothers give birth to their babies and brings this tremendous level of experience and knowledge to every childbirth that she assists with.

With such a level of experience, and her impeccable bedside manner, Dr Bonazzi has developed a reputation as the best obstetrician Melbourne has available for women to trust in during such a big moment in their lives.

Dr Bonazzi assists her patients throughout the entire pregnancy, offering support and guidance where she can on common issues like morning sickness, pregnancy-induced diabetes, vitamin D and iron issues and what to expect during the labour process. She understands the change that a woman’s body naturally undergoes, and can immediately put an anxious individual or couple at ease.

As a practicing obstetrician for almost 30-years, Dr. Bonazzi has seen almost everything that can go right, and of course what can go wrong during a pregnancy and it is this wealth of knowledge that she can draw on when offering not just support on matters like morning sickness, but also on the best resources and books to read and what to pack for the hospital.

Pregnancy and the impending childbirth is a daunting experience for many women – particularly for her time mums, and it is with care and confidence that Dr Bonazzi helps to ease the anxiety of new mothers, (and fathers!) thanks to her years of experience as a qualified female obstetrician.

If you are pregnant and wish to know more about Dr Bonazzi’s pregnancy care, or if you wish to make an appointment, please call our rooms. Dr Bonazzi likes to see her obstetric patients for the first time when they are 8-10 weeks into their pregnancy.

Her reputation as the most respected private obstetrician Melbourne has available to mothers, and father’s is well deserved, and you can be confident that you, and your child are in the safest hands.

Obstetric Care Options

We provide two models of care depending on your specific circumstances, preferences, risk and comfort levels. Please see below for more detail into the two NurtureCare Options we offer.

NurtureCare One

This care option is with Dr Marcia Bonazzi.

This care option is Ideal for first time mums and high-risk pregnancies. Some low-risk first time mothers may be eligible.

After your first visit with Dr. Marcia Bonazzi, she will assess your suitability for each care model.

You will see Dr. Marcia Bonazzi for all visits and see our practice Midwife for scheduled education.

NurtureCare Two

Combined care with both Dr Marcia Bonazzi and midwife Tamsyn Wymer.

Ideal for patients with previous low-risk pregnancies.

Dr. Marcia Bonazzi will see you for your first visit and at weeks 20, 30, 36, and weekly onwards. Our practice midwife will see you on the other visits.

Dr. Marcia Bonazzi will provide care at birth including postnatal care in the hospital.

Our practice midwife will call you after you arrive home and provide ongoing support including breastfeeding concerns.

Regardless of which option you select, our patients ALL have access to:

  • 24 hour paging service with Dr Marcia.

  • Ability to contact Tamsyn for questions and support on the Midwife Mobile.

  • Midwife wellness check and childbirth review one week post birth, if requested.

  • 1:1 midwifery education with you and your partner between 34-37 weeks, if requested.

Dr Marcia Bonazzi’s consulting practice is located Level 1, 143 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.

Additional suites are also located in Essendon and Reservoir on a fortnightly basis.

If you are after further information or have questions on care options please contact us on 9419 5601.

Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Resources

When it comes to having a baby, a lot of questions can arise. It can be a daunting time for most parents. This is why, we have created these handy PDF's on all things pre and postnatal.