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Pregnancy Countdown Calculator

When was the first day of your last menstrual period?

Conception Occurred:

First Trimester Ends (12 weeks):

Second Trimester Ends (27 weeks):

Estimated Due Date (40 weeks):


you will be weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Use this simple pregnancy calculator to estimate when your baby is due.

Technically, your baby’s due date is 38 weeks from the day of conception. Since this date is often not known, the due date is calculated by adding 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period.

Assuming you have an average 28-day cycle, this works out to be approximately two weeks before conception, which is why pregnancies are said to last for 40 weeks.

However, many babies do not arrive exactly on their due date – it’s perfectly normal for babies to arrive a little early or late.

Please keep in mind that this calculator is to be used as a guide only. You should speak to your doctor or healthcare professional for a more accurate calculation of when your baby is due.


About the pregnancy calculator

  • These dates should be used as an estimates only.
  • They are not an exact calculation.
  • The calculator may not provide an accurate reading if you have irregular ovulation or menstrual periods.
  • Always consult your physician or doctor to determine your correct due date.

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