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Gynaecological Conditions

Below is a list of some of the gynaecological conditions Dr. Bonazzi treats, with links to PDF's with more detail on each specific condition.

MonaLisa Touch Treatment


A Gynaecologist is a medical professional whose medical specialty is related to women’s health, specifically the female reproductive system and breasts. With her many years’ of experience in this field, Dr Marcia Bonazzi has a very well-established and well-deserved reputation as one of the best female gynaecologists in Melbourne due to her ability to create a sense of trust in her patients she treats.

Given the nature of the conditions that Dr. Bonazzi treats, she recognises the extreme importance that her patients feel this sense of trust, and that they in the presence of a knowledgeable, kind and caring professional.

As a well-respected gynaecologist, Dr. Bonazzi welcomes female patients of all ages, and treats them all individually and on a case-by-case nature through the various stages of womanhood; from pregnancy up to menopause. She acutely understands how important it is to her patients that they be treated with the best care she can offer, drawing on her many years’ experience as a practicing female gynaecologist.

Aside from pregnancy and menopause-related issues, Dr Bonazzi sees patients for standard gynaecology check-ups, and the investigation and treatment of abnormal conditions typically treated by a gynaecologist. These conditions range from being reproductive-related, such as infertility or contraceptive in nature, to physical-related such as endometriosis or polycystic ovaries. Dr Bonazzi is also an expert in helping to diagnose and recommend the best treatments for gynaecological diseases.

Over her many years as a practicing female gynaecologist in the Melbourne area, Dr Bonazzi has treated thousands of women, all with her trademark care, expertise and desire to educate her patients on their situation.

Since 2012, Dr Bonazzi has become one of the leading – if not the leading – female gynaecologist offering the Mona Lisa Touch treatment in Melbourne and the state of Victoria. This treatment is a minimally invasive non-surgical solution to counter some of the effects some women experience during menopause.

To find out more or to book an appointment, contact Dr. Marcia Bonazzi’s clinic today.

MonaLisa Touch Treatment is a minimally invasive, non-surgical laser therapeutic procedure used to counteract the effects of vaginal atrophy and post-menopausal changes. You can read more about it in the PDF below.

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