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Care options

Care with Dr Marcia

Ideal for first time mums or women with pre-existing medical conditions, a complex pregnancy history or who are ‘high risk’. Care will be with Dr Marcia for all visits and with our midwife Tamsyn at 28 and 34 weeks for education and support.

Care with Nurture Program

The care with Nurture Program is a unique approach where you will receive collaborative care between Dr Marcia and Tamsyn, our midwife. This program is tailored to second-time mothers wanting a style of shared care at a lower price.

Dr Marcia will see you for your first visit and then you will see a combination of Tamsyn and Dr Marcia every 4 weeks until 30 weeks, 2 weeks until 36 weeks and weekly from there on.


Regardless of which option you select, our patients ALL have access to:

  • 24 hour paging service with Dr Marcia.
  • Ability to contact Tamsyn for questions and support on the Midwife Mobile.
  • Midwife wellness check and childbirth review one week post birth, if requested.
  • 1:1 midwifery education with you and your partner between 34-37 weeks, if requested.

Dr Marcia’s consulting practice is located Level 1, 143 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.

Additional suites are also located in Essendon and Reservoir on a fortnightly basis.

If you are after further information or have questions on care options please contact us on 9419 5601.

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