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Our Midwives

Barb Smith

Barb is a registered midwife and registered nurse who trained in the 1970s in South Africa.  She holds a Graduate Diploma in Health Education, which she completed at Deakin University in 1989.  Barb has practiced as a midwife in both South Africa and Australia for 42 years, and in that time she has helped deliver thousands of babies.  She has worked with Marcia for two years as a practice midwife, and describes Marcia as a terrific teacher.  She enjoys getting to know the patients throughout their pregnancy.  Midwifery is to Barb the best vocation in the world!  Barb is a grandmother to three beautiful little people, and her passion is empowering women to feel good about their birthing experience.

Melissa Deguara

Melissa is a registered midwife who obtained her Bachelor of Midwifery from Victoria University in 2004.  She has worked with Marcia for two years, and describes Marcia as comforting and loving to the women she sees, as well as being very professional and passionate.  Melissa also thinks Marcia is a great teacher!  When she is not working in the practice, Melissa also works at Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne.  She has helped deliver many, many babies and finds midwifery to be a very rewarding job.  Melissa loves meeting new mothers and their babies.  She loves empowering and educating women through their antenatal experience right up to their birth.  Melissa is a mother of three children aged 9, 6 and 4, and loves to go on holidays with her family!

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