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Fish Consumption During Pregnancy

A common question asked by pregnant women is whether fish is safe to eat during pregnancy. This question arises primarily from the valid concern about mercury levels in fish: if a pregnant woman absorbs too much mercury, it can cause damage to the foetus.

The best place to find information on fish consumption is on the Australian Food Standards website: www.foodstandards.gov.au

As a general guide, it is safe to consume two to three serves of cooked fish and seafood per week, with one serve being equal to 150 grams.  This includes canned tuna.

Certain fish contain a higher mercury content and should be consumed sparingly, if at all, during pregnancy.  Such fish should be consumed no more than once per fortnight with no other fish or seafood in that same fortnight.  Some examples of this are orange rough, deep sea perch and cat fish, as well as flake, swordfish and marlin.

If you have any questions regarding fish consumption in pregnancy you can discuss this with Marcia or a midwife at your next appointment.

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